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All of this felt far too easy and cold. No one had seemed to question their movements or even looked too hard at them once Moira showed who she was. Apparently the CIA had very good networks, it was easy to trace which ones were agents, their paranoia was a thrum throughout all their thoughts.

They kept out of the way of the military. Instead it was all about getting there so they could do something, Erik needed that.

They were flown in close and there was a truck when there was the first moment of trouble as soldiers waited outside. It was up to him to keep them safe by projecting an image of an empty truck before they could pass on. After that it was a cold wait in the bushes in front of a mansion that he could be dropped into the Hudson Valley without a problem.

Then it all fell apart as Erik ran for the house, twisting guns and fences and leaving pain in his wake. He had to fix what he could, soothe the pain and not let Erik lose himself in his anger. Inside they found her, the other telepath with diamond shields playing with the general. The man looked like a fool thinking he was having sex with an illusion as she watched bored, it was a stupid use of such power.

But then Erik torturing her to the point of cracking her diamond skin was just as bad. Yes, it made her release her shields enough that he could see, but Erik acted as badly as she did.

She was a prisoner now, which was something and they had enough information to possibly act when they returned. It wasn't going to be a pleasant journey back.
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After this. In the morning, they meet up with Angel and send her on her way to DC with a train ticket and the news that Moira and possibly Raven will meet her at the train station. There had been time to give them a call and arrange it all before Charles picked up a car to get to them to where Alex Summers is being held.

Moira and Agent Black have provided a few ways in, but it all depends on if they can convince Alex that he'll be safe with them. Charles isn't looking forward to going into a prison but this is what they need to do.
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The compartment isn't as elegant as the ones in Europe but it will do and Charles has found them a comfortable one to get north.

There's space enough for them both to stretch out and since its not a heavy time, they have a measure of privacy, and the club car's not far away.
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Since first meeting with Moira, the days have gone by quickly with little time to think or discuss what's happening.

He knows going with Moira to meet with the CIA is the right choice as they know of other mutants but there's not much time to plan or decide which worries him. His presentation's clear in his head, which makes it easy to know what to say but nothing about how it will be received.

Going back to America feels like the best choice and everything in the apartment will be sent on to Westchester, there are simply too many variables.

As they move from flat to airport to plane to car, he's constantly looking over to Raven and hoping they'll have some time to truly talk about what this means.


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