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After the shower, Charles feels relaxed in a way he hasn't in far too long, "We could just stay in here and be lazy. Clothes can wait."
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Charles rolled into the Bar feeling tired, everything took longer than he expected and he hated it. Sometimes he could feel the pity rolling off of people and he wanted to yell but he knew that wouldn't help. He would just keep doing what needed to be done and not think about what was missing until the night was dark and the house was quiet.

When he arrived, he moved his chair towards the fire and ordered a stiff drink of Scotch which he stared at along with the fire.
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Charles moves quickly getting them upstairs and opening the door to the room he has here.

Inside it looks like his room at home, dark colors, lots of books, a table with a chess sets and he laughs as he closes the door behind them.
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Charles has never seen Jay this hurting before and it scares him as he thinks of Erik and his pains. While Jay recovers from his workout, he sets out the chess board, adjusting the pieces before sitting down in his chair and picking up The Once and Future King.

Reading it always helps him to feel a little more hopeful about the world and gets lost in War's world where the story is simpler.
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Charles' room reflects the home where he grew up in Westchester, dark woods and colors, a fireplace and a chess board surrounded by two comfortable chairs.

As they enter, he goes to pour a drink for himself and Jay before sitting down by the board, "Black or white?"


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